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Top Ten Ways To Eat Out Zonefully
  1. Skip the Rolls - if you are really hungry order a glass of milk to hold you over until your entree arrives
  2. Alcohol Counts - remember to count alcohol when estimating your blocks
  3. Water, Water, Water - have water instead of soda or fruit juice
  4. Protein Appetizer - shrimp cocktail is a good way to add some extra protein up front
  5. Specialty Salad - with chicken, beef, shrimp or calamari on top of it is a good bet - just remember to get oil and vinegar on the side instead of the dressing offered
  6. Skip It - read past most of the appetizers and pasta dishes to the dishes that include fish, meat and poultry
  7. Look for these Words - steamed, broiled and baked
  8. Beware of these Words - fried, pan-fried, "lightly" fried
  9. Ask for Extra Vegetables - to replace potatoes, rice and pasta
  10. Dessert? - have tea, coffee or cappucino for dessert - it will give you something to savor while others have dessert around you

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