My Story

My Story

Several years ago I couldn't run for the bus - now I compete (and sometimes even place) in Triathlons, Marathons and various other races. In fact, I finished Ironman Florida after dropping the weight! I attribute the "new me" to a drastic change in dietary and exercise habits.

When I dropped the initial weight, it was through a combination of swimming 4-5x per week and following CyberTrim by Cybergenics. This was a series of vitamins and 3-4 meals a day with roughly a 50/30/20 ratio of C/P/F. At this stage I went from 210lb down to 170lb in about 12 weeks and I just looked skinny.

I added free weights and a stationary bike to my workouts to try and add some muscle tone. One day, someone at the gym said to me "Do you run? You could try a triathlon sometime." So I went to the track and tried running. At first, I couldn't run 400M without stopping for a break, but eventually I worked up to 1 mile, then 2, then 3, etc. I did my first Triathlon in May 1994 (0.25M Swim, 9M Bike, 3.1M Run) and I was horrible but it felt great!

The next year, I started a 40/30/30 program using PR Nutrition, makers of PR Bar, but that didn't last long, as it was too hard to figure out the portions at every meal. This was the same year I discovered Heart Rate Monitoring. My workouts were going well and I was pseudozoning (eating more protein than I used to), but I still had 10-15 stubborn pounds around my middle.

In the summer of 1996, I tried the Zone, but it was a very busy summer (I got married on September 1) and I only half did it. But just after Thanksgiving, I went full-tilt into the Zone just to see how it felt. The results have been amazing. My workouts have improved dramatically, my race times have gone down and I feel clear and focused all day, every day. The last 15 pounds seemed to melt off and have stayed off ever since.

I am now in Zone Maintenance and look forward to eating and racing my way through many years ahead.