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Top Ten Zone Exercise Tips
  1. Have a 1-2 block snack and 8 oz of water 45 minutes before your workout - this will "reset" your body and get you ready for fat burning
  2. Stay hydrated while working out - this is especially important while in the Zone, as you will retain less water
  3. Keep tabs on your resting heart rate by checking it each morning when you wake up - a sudden increase that lasts more than two days could mean that you are overtraining
  4. Start slowly and spend at least 10 minutes warming up to get the blood to flow into your working muscles - in harder workouts they will use up to 80% of your blood supply
  5. Spend at least 10 minutes cooling down to improve circulation and move the blood away from your working muscles and back to the rest of your body
  6. Never do a hard/intense workout on two consecutive days
  7. Try to space out your workout schedule - working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday and taking the weekend off is better for your body than trying to fit all your exercise for the week into Saturday and Sunday
  8. Training = Work + Rest. Don't be afraid to take a day or two off, especially if you have just started a new fitness program - your body will need the rest to recover from the physical stress you put on it
  9. Breathe!
  10. Even if it's not a structured workout, make exercise a part of your life - take the stairs whenever you can, walk to the store instead of driving, etc.

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