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Books by Dr. Sears

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Enter The Zone by Barry Sears - The original. A compelling and sometimes technical description of the hormonal changes brought about by eating types of foods in specific ratios.

A Week In The Zone by Barry Sears - Of all the other books, this is perhaps the best "How To" Sears has written. It is clear, concise, and takes you through the basics of the Zone to help you setup a program that will work for you.

The Omega Rx Zone by Barry Sears - Takes the rage over "good" Omega 3 fatty acids and puts them into a Zone perspective. Has all the basic zone information and tons (80 pages!) of references to back up his claims.

ZonePerfect Meals in Minutes by Barry Sears - A cookbook that contains 150+ zone recipes. I could take or leave this one, as the recipes tend to be very bland and the quantities of vegetables in the recipes are HUGE.

Mastering the Zone by Barry Sears - The follow-up. If you are only buying one Zone book, I recommend this one. It repeats all the practical information of starting the Zone diet in easier terms, and gives a set of zone-favorable recipes.

Top 100 Zone Foods by Barry Sears - IMHO, a repeat of the other books. You are best served buying the first book and A Week In The Zone if you ask me. But many have found it helpful.

Zone Food Blocks by Barry Sears - Having trouble calculating your blocks by reading labels? Virtually every type of food, prepared meal, and even fast-food take-out items can be converted to Zone food blocks by using this guide.

The Soy Zone by Barry Sears - So you're a vegetarian but still want to try the Zone diet? This is the book for you. Even you carnivores out there will delight in the oodles of choices you have for non-meat meals every once in a while.

The Age Free Zone by Barry Sears - ears explains that he thinks aging is not caused so much by depleted hormone levels but by a lack of communication among hormones. This book has alot of repetition from the previous books, but things are organized differently and there are a few sections that add some great info.

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