Zoneful Thinking

Zoneful Thinking

Zoneful Thinking was designed as a resource for beginners who are trying the Zone Diet, as outlined in various Zone books by Barry Sears, PhD - several sections of this site assume you have read one or more of his works or are familiar with the concept of a Zone "block". If not, check out this Primer to get an overview of the basics.

Having trouble figuring out your daily blocks and menu plan? Use my Block Calculator to get started right now!

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Baby Steps - easing into the Zone
K.I.S.S. - simple ideas to help
Mangia - recipes / cooking ideas
  Sweat 101 - delves into exercise
Reading - books, magazines, articles
Helpers - sites with helpful products
Links - my favorite sites

Many sections start with a Top Ten List - these are intended as a reference to get you started quickly. Past that, things may go a little deeper, but you can always move between sections by using the navigation bar on the brick wall.

I am not a Doctor! Nor do I pretend to be a nutritionist, personal trainer, or anything else. My only motivation in building this site is to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained as a result of successfully using the Zone diet for the last seven years.

Construction Note: Please pardon our appearance while I update the site. Some pages will be centered while others will be left-justified as I make the change. Thanks!